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9 Interesting facts about Tomintoul.

9 Interesting facts about Tomintoul

1.Tomintoul Distillery is named after the nearby highest village in the Highlands of Scotland and is surrounded by nature’s beauty.

2.Tomintoul is “Hillock of the Barn” in Scottish Gaelic; ironically meaning small hill considering it is one of the highest villages in Scotland at 345 m (1,132 ft)

3. Tomintoul Whisky holds the record for the world’s largest Single Malt Scotch Whisky bottle containing 105.3 litres, enough to serve 5,230 drams.

4. Our whisky is matured in the finest bourbon and sherry casks, sometimes stowed away 12 meters high across 7 warehouses.

5.We’re known as the ‘gentle dram’ because of our unbelievably smooth and rounded whisky.

6.Tomintoul is one of the very few independently run distilleries in Scotland.

7.We produce 3½ million litres of whisky each year and our whisky can be found in the four corners of the world from the Far East to South America.

8. Our limited edition "Five Decades" Single Malt Scotch Whisky has a special blend of rare and deliciously matured casks from 1965 all the way through to 2005.


9. Tomintoul with a Peaty Tang is made using Speyside peat to malt the barley. This tightly compact soil has been in the earth for thousands of years, once burnt this smoke imparts a special flavour to the whisky. The whisky is produced at the Distillery twice a year and closes for 2 weeks after the production to clean out the pipes and stills from the heavy peat scent. Tomintoul peaty tang is an unbelievably smooth and rich peated malt whisky, gaining popularity amongst peat and even non-peat whisky lovers.




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