Angus Dundee Launches Strathcolm Single Grain Scotch Whisky.



We are proud to announce the launch of Strathcolm Single Grain Scotch Whisky.The range consists of a no-age statement, 8 years and 12 years which have been bottled at 40% using the finest wheat and malted barley.

Strathcolm Single Grain Tasting Notes:


Colour: Harvest gold

Nose: Toffee sweetness with orange blossom floral notes and a rich vein of vanilla

Palate: Attractively sweet and floral alongside nutty and fruity flavours

Finish: Endearingly smooth and creamy drawing out to a light vanilla close

8 year old

Colour: Warm gold

Nose: Floral and dry with herbal notes

Palate: A mixture of set honey and garden flowers with a dry-ish, dusty wheat layer

Finish: A light and dry finalé

12 year old

Colour: Amber

Nose: Mature oak and floral tones intermingle and hints of cut geraniums emerge

Palate: Rounded and light with harmonious flavours of vanilla and orange

Finish: Light, soft and enduring.

Scotch single grain whisky is distilled in Scotland using column stills, a continous distillation process to create a milder, flavoursome whisky.


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