Up-cycling Casks


Here at Angus Dundee we always try to come up with sustainable ways to help the environment and one of the things we do is to upcycle our over-mature or often referred to 'spent' casks.

Usually these casks are re-used as water butts or garden tubs; this time however, our matured casks were re-used to brew specially crafted beer. We sent our matured casks over to a US hand craft beer company Saranac, who specially requested our casks to brew their 'single malt barrel scotch ale'.

To make it a Scotch ale or 'real ale' they required casks from Scotland for a second fermentation process and what better than using an oak barrel. Not just any oak barrel, a matured whisky oak barrel, specially selected by our master distiller Robert Flemming to infuse it's unique flavours and characteristics to the ale.   

Saranac Single Malt Barrel Scotch Ale find out more on www.saranac.com 

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