• Oct 02, 2014

NON CHILLFILITERED GLENCADAMThe Whisky Exchange show will be taking place this weekend 4/5 October at Vinopolis on the South Bank in London.

The Whisky Exchange is a great opportunity for whisky novices and aficionados alike. This is a great luxury whisky tasting experience where you will be able to try a stunning array of whiskies from the world over. You will be indulged by whisky experts, testing you senses and acuteness of your taste buds.

You will have the opportunity to try some “rare drams” and also learn the art of food pairing with the subtle varieties of whiskies.

Our beautiful ranges will be available for tasting!

Come on down to meet our experts Ben and Lorne this weekend at the Whisky Exchange for a wee dram!

For further details and tickets, please see:


  • Jan 24, 2014

“Canna it be” Burns Night already?

With some great piping, sumptuous haggis, tatties and neeps, and a night of reciting appropriate poetry -  Burns birthday looms very close indeed and the traditional celebration of this life and poetry is upon once us again!burns

Robert Burns (1759-1796) was born on the 25 January and we may pay tribute to him, his life and works, all year round – nevertheless his birthday has become a “beacon” to celebrate this infamous man and his poetry.

Why not accompany this delightful evening with some Tomintoul Single Malt– prefer a peated malt? Why not try our  Tomintoul Peaty Tang.

Or celebrate this delightful evening with some Glencadam Single Malt – a rather delicate 10 year old or a rather dignified 15 year old may be perfect for this occasion!

Visit our website to find your closest UK stockist on our interactive map.

www.tomintoulwhisky.com - www.glencadamwhisky.com

“Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
And sae let the Lord be thankit.”

  • Dec 17, 2013

England vs Scotland!

On Friday 13th December, Crews Hill Golf Club became the venue for the inaugural Angus Dundee Golf Match pitting players selected from our English office against a visiting team from our Scottish locations. Yes, England vs Scotland! Our team members met in a good competitive spirit as the early morning fog lifted to give way to a beautifully mild late autumn day in Middlesex.

The England team consisted of our youngest member and organiser of the event Jordan Kendall, Regional Director Duncan Baldwin, Financial Controller Dilip Mapara and Chief Accountant Tim Craik. The Scotland team was composed of our Managing Director Aaron Hillman, Master Distiller Robert Fleming, General Operations Manager Martin Meldrum and Operations Manager Steven McNeil  They set off in two teams of four playing a ‘4 ball better ball stableford’.

With some sociable banter and friendly rivalry, the teams played marvellously well in an evenly contested match which concluded appropriately in a draw!

Post-match, each team member was given a medal, and a trophy will now have the winners of the 2013 event engraved as England and Scotland with a shared ownership in this inaugural year. The trophy will spend its first six months with the Scottish team!

Next year, the trophy will once again be competed for – I heard that a new venue may be found for the next match : “La Manga, anyone?!”golf day copy


  • Dec 19, 2013

the Season of The “Christmas Party”

Once again it is that time of year, all the pubs, bars and restaurants are overflowing with merry enjoyment as we all fall victim to the overindulging winter celebrations!

Amongst arranging our own personal social calendars of catch-ups with long lost friends, dinners with relatives and romantic days out with loved ones; we also have the more formal but certainly no less merrier Christmas bash. And here at Angus Dundee, we are no exception!

As we set off from our various abodes, from Scotland and England alike – to the debonair Dorchester in London for our lovely Christmas Party last Saturday, none knew the exquisite evening planned ahead. From aperitif to desert, the party was a success!

The chatter and laughter of all the colleagues with their “plus 1” at the pre-dinner bar proved the beginning of the convivial and family sense of the company. We were then ushered through to the beautifully laid out dinning room , as our evening’s entertainment fluttered in with Dawn Harvey, our lovely receptionist, performing two dances with her belly-dancing troupe. As the evening moved on, so did the merriment and entertainment. We were spellbound by Jean Hillman’s singing, accompanied by Gary on the baby Grand, which finished on the captivating rendition of “I dreamed a dream” from “les Miserables”.

We were then delighted to have Terry Hillman come forward to do a lovely speech, with a traditional resume of the past year, linking it to the global Scotch Whisky industry and the developments at Angus Dundee Distillers throughout its time.

 The medals and cup were then awarded by Tania Hillman to the participant of the inaugural Angus Dundee Golf competition played the previous day. Robert Fleming was kind enough to say a few words and suggested that maybe a golf course in some warmer climate may be more appropriate for the next competition!

Aaron Hillman came forward to say some words of thank you, to his workers and colleagues for another great year – with the hope that we would go from strength to strength, not only as a company but also as a team.

Lorne Mackillop amused us greatly with his annual Christmas speech, not sure the theme this year was as seasonal as former ones. Nevertheless, thank you Lorne for trying to entertain us every year!

Last, but by no means least – Duncan Baldwin, our multi-talented colleague, burst out some great tunes firstly on the piano before playing his guitar and singing his famous adapted songs!

Our evening came to a close, when the youngest member present, Elliot Kendall, one of Terry’s grandsons, came forward to present Terry with a gift of thankfulness from all of us at Angus Dundee - symbolising our recognition and appreciation of Terry and the company. This was a custom-made pen and pencil set made from a stave from an ex-whisky oak barrel.

What a great Bash!          xmasparty 2013 copy

  • Sep 17, 2013

Ring the bells of London Town!

We are delighted that the merry wedding bells are ringing this month at Angus Dundee!

Our lovely Regional Sales Manager, Lorne Mackillop was married this Saturday to gorgeous Seana.  And the charming Tim Craik from the accounts department is to be wed to the elegant Heather at the end of September.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and best of luck on your new adventures!
st clements

A little forgotten rhyme to remind us of the bells of London!

                              The Bells of St. Clements
                               "Gay go up and gay go down
                            To Ring the Bells of London Town
                                 "Oranges and Lemons" say the Bells of St. Clements
                                "Bullseyes and Targets" say the Bells of St. Margaret's
                                  "Brickbats and Tiles" say the Bells of St. Giles
                               "Halfpence and Farthings" say the Bells of St. Martin's
                                "Pancakes and Fritters" say the Bells of St. Peter's
 "Two Sticks and an Apple" say the Bells of Whitechapel
 "Maids in white aprons" say the Bells at St. Katherine's
"Pokers and Tongs" say the Bells of St. John's
"Kettles and Pans" say the Bells of St. Anne's
 "Old Father Baldpate" say the slow Bells of Aldgate
 "You owe me Ten Shillings" say the Bells of St. Helen's
"When will you Pay me?" say the Bells of Old Bailey
"When I grow Rich" say the Bells of Shoreditch
"Pray when will that be?" say the Bells of Stepney
"I do not know" say the Great Bell of Bow
Gay go up and gay go down

To Ring the Bells of London Town

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