• Jul 16, 2018

We are delighted to present our new premium gin - Chelsea Royal. 

Chelsea Royal is made in the heart of London by “batch distillation” in a traditional John Dore still using 100% grain spirit to produce the highest quality pure gin. It is crafted from the finest grain spirit distilled with a secret blend of the highest quality botanicals drawn from all over the world. The essential botanicals are: Juniper; Coriander; Angelica and Liquorice root.

Additional botanicals have allowed the Master Distiller to create the rich flavour that is the hallmark of Chelsea Royal Gin. In particular, the combination of dried Sweet Orange peel and dried Bitter Orange peel from Spain transport the merged flavours, resulting in a zesty, zingy, vibrant and lively gin that packs a delicious citrus punch.

The perfect serve for Chelsea Royal is with a slice of orange, which brings out the citrus from the bitter orange used in it's distillation. 

For more information on where to buy Chelsea Royal Gin please contact sales@angusdundee.co.uk


  • Jul 16, 2018

The Tomintoul Distillery team was at the Tomintoul Motorcycle Gathering event at the weekend, which brings together people from near and far, some great bikes and ofcourse some exceptional single malt whisky. 

Each year the event raises money for various charities including some local ones, so we are delighted to sponsor it and be a part such a great day. 

Hope to see you all again next year. Slainte!

  • Jul 09, 2018

It's an exciting time at our Glencadam Distillery in Brechin, as we prepare for our new spirit still. 

Our current one has been working away creating our light, delicate spirit since the 1950s, so the team are really excited about this change at the distillery. 

The new still is being made by Forsyths in Rothes, who have been expertly hand crafting stills since 1890. Each one really is a work of art and is essentially still made in the same way as when the company started back in the 1800s.

Over the next few weeks we will keep up to date with the progress of our new still and it's final journey to be installed at the distillery. In the meantime the picture below, sent to us by the team at Forsyth's, shows how it is looking at the moment. 

  • Jul 10, 2018

We are delighted to have won a Gold Medal from the Meiningers International Spirits Awards 2018 for our Old Ballantruan 15 Year Old. 

This prestigious awards recognises excellence in all categories and each expression is tasted by a panel of 60 experts before a decision is made. 

Old Ballantruan 15 Year Old is a mature peated Scotch whisky of exceptional quality, which has a lovely smokiness tempered by toffee-sweetness and gentle oaky spice. 


  • Jul 18, 2017

 Angus Dundee proudly announces the release of a rare Glencadam 13 year old expression.

Rare because in the Autumn of the year 2000, Glencadam distillery fell silent. This silence became a deep sleep for three years until its joyous “Re-Awakening” in the Autumn of 2003. This rare, 13 years old limited edition from the re-start of distillation truly represents and commemorates “The Re-Awakening” of Glencadam Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. 


Noted to have the colour of shimmering gold, a nose of floral malty sweetness and subtle vanilla, this rare release is definitely lining up to be a corker!

Bulk Whisky





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