Tomintoul Distillery 50th Anniversary Celebrations Video ft LDC Joe Miller

  • Aug 25, 2015

The official video of Tomintoul's 50th Anniversary speyside challenge featuring Joe Miller in action has just gone live on Tomintoul Whisky's new Youtube channel. The video showcases the Tomintal Distillery's Speyside challenge with Joe miller's tremendous strike! Click here to see the video

 Angus Dundee

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Sneak Peak Tomintoul 5 Decades Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky!

  • Aug 21, 2015


We have here a preview of our exclusive limited edition 5 decades single malt whisky which will be released in commemoration of Tomintoul Distillery 50th Anniversary. The unique single malt blend will be one of 6000 bottles to only be released.  

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Tomintoul Team

Tomintoul 50th Anniversary Celebrations

  • Aug 21, 2015

As Tomintoul Distillery's 50th Anniversary celebration rocked into full swing we managed to capture some of the spectacular moments. From long drive golf champion and Tomintoul sponsored athlete Joe Miller's impressive 449 yards clear away across all 7 Tomintoul Distillery warehouses, to dinner with wonderful guests and members of the tomintoul family, it's been an utter joyous and splendid week.

The celebrations took place in the Glenlivet Estate in Speyside, Scotland as pictured below at the venue with blue skies all around and sunshine .

 Joe Miller wowing the crowd as pictured (below) some members of the press capturing memorable moments.


Celebration in full swing with members of the Tomintoul Distillery, Joe Miller (Pictured left).

 The event was highlighted by members of the press & Journal who wrote a splendid article about the day and Joe Millers Speyside challenge here


Here we end with a big Cheers to a great week and a big thank you to all who helped and particpated in the celebrations.

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World Long Distance Golf Champion Joe Miller Record Breaking Strike at Tomintoul Distillery 50th Anniversary Celebrations!

  • Aug 20, 2015

To Kick-start the 3 day celebrations at the Tomintoul Distillery for the 50th Anniversary, world long distance golf champion and Tomintoul sponsored athlete Joe Miller set a record breaking strike by hitting a ball 449 yards across all 7 Tomintoul distillery warehouses. Joe Miller was celebrating with the Tomintoul Distillery in Scotland, whilst being challenged to strike a ball across the 350 yard warehouses. A big congrats to Joe for the record breaking finish as picture here in the full swing of things...


Joe just before the start of the festivities...

 A great start to the celebrations, with more to come!

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