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Single Grain Scotch Whisky is made using a continuous method called the Patent Still process. The majority of cereals used are typically un-malted like wheat, corn, maize and rye together with a small obligatory amount of malted barley. The cereals are cooked together under steam pressure to aid the conversion into soluble starch ready for fermentation and distillation in a Patent or Coffey still.

The production of grain whisky is a more efficient process than that of malt whisky which is a batch process.

Characteristics of grain whisky

Typically grain whisky is light, floral and mild in character resulting in a more neutral flavour than that of malt whisky.


We have used a high proportion of first-fill ex-Bourbon casks to mature Single Grain Strathcolm which has produced flavour characteristics that are rich and admirable.

Tasting Notes:




Mature oak and floral tones intermingle and hints of cut geraniums emerge


Rounded and light with harmonious flavours of vanilla and orange


Light, soft and enduring

40% ABV

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