New Spirit Still at Glencadam

It's an exciting time at our Glencadam Distillery in Brechin, as we prepare for our new spirit still. 

Our current one has been working away creating our light, delicate spirit since the 1950s, so the team are really excited about this change at the distillery. 

The new still is being made by Forsyths in Rothes, who have been expertly hand crafting stills since 1890. Each one really is a work of art and is essentially still made in the same way as when the company started back in the 1800s.

Over the next few weeks we will keep up to date with the progress of our new still and it's final journey to be installed at the distillery. In the meantime the picture below, sent to us by the team at Forsyth's, shows how it is looking at the moment. 

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