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Scotch Whisky is a versatile and unique alcoholic drink, produced only in Scotland though enjoyed around the world. To be legally called "Scotch Whisky", it must be distilled in Scotland from natural ingredients, water, yeast, malted barley and other cereals. It must also be matured in Scotland for a minimum of three years in oak wood casks.

Whisky Producing Regions

There are five whisky producing regions in Scotland as indicated in the accompanying map.


Tomintoul Distillery is located inside the Glenlivet estate, within the whisky producing region of Speyside. The natural environment, fresh air and pure water all add to this uniquely smooth and mellow spirit.

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Glencadam Distillery is situated within the Highlands whisky producing region, just outside the ancient city and former Royal Burgh of Brechin, in the county of Angus. The distillery has a long history, opening in 1825.

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Whiskies from the Lowland region are known for being light and grassy. There are only a handful of distilleries that remain in the lowlands region today.


Speyside is a small area of the Highlands that is highly concentrated with distilleries. These distilleries take advantage of the superb quality of spring water that falls through the hills in streams leading into the River Spey. Speyside whiskies are known to be particularly fruity and sweet.

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Islay is an island just off the west coast of Scotland. Surrounded by the sea, the distilleries on this island have traditionally relied on peat to malt their barley and as a result their whiskies are very smoky and medicinal. They also gain salty, seaweed-y characteristics from the damp sea air.

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The Highlands is the largest region of Scotland and whiskies from the Highlands can vary in flavour, from light and flora to nutty and rich. Highland whiskies are usually known for being complex.

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Island distilleries are usually influenced by the coastal location of their distilleries, with hints of the sea, and often have light, peaty, smoky notes.

 Types of Scotch


Single Malt Scotch Whisky is the product of only one distillery and must be made from malted barley. Spirit is produced in the traditional batch process of mashing, fermentation, distillation in copper stills, and maturation.

Blended Scotch Whisky is made from a mixture of single malt and grain Scotch whiskies, which have been expertly selected to complement one another.

Grain Scotch Whisky is made from a mixture of different cereal grains, in a continuous process, using column stills. It has a mild, balanced flavour, which acts as a base for the more flavoursome single malts.

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky contains a mixture of single malts from different distilleries.

Single Cask Scotch Whisky is bottled from just one cask that has come from one distillery. Once the whisky has been removed from the cask, the flavour can never be replicated. Their rarity makes single cask whiskies highly collectable.

We stock a broad range of Scotch Whisky in our maturation warehouses, of various ages and from many different distilleries.

Age Statements

age statements

The age statement given on a of bottle Scotch Whisky, be it blended or malt, represents the number of years the whisky has matured in the cask. It must represent the youngest whisky in the bottle, even if other whiskies in the product are older.

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