Spirits are high for Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team as Tomintoul Distillery becomes their official partner

Tomintoul Distillery has announced their official partnership with Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team as the voluntary emergency service celebrates its 60th anniversary year.

Pledging to support the local heroes with what will be Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team’s largest sponsorship to date, the agreement comes at a welcome time for Scotland’s much-loved mountaineers as the busy summer season approaches.

Nestled in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, Tomintoul Distillery has chosen to make the partnership official to kickstart the rescue team’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

It is expected this will become a long-term partnership, with Tomintoul Single Malt taking on the title of ‘The Official Spirit of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team’, proudly supporting the dedicated team who rely almost entirely on grants and donations to help keep their team safe and equipment up to date.

Distilleries Director and Master Distiller, Robert Fleming, said: “The local area is part of Tomintoul’s brand fabric – the natural environment, fresh air and pure water from the Ballantruan Spring all add to the uniquely smooth and mellow spirit the distillery is known and loved for.

“Our team has the pleasure of working within the Cairngorms National Park and use much of their downtime to explore the area. With so much to offer, we want to share our wonderful region with people from all over the world. But working here year-round means we’ve also experienced how treacherous and unpredictable the weather can be in this incredibly beautiful area and that’s why we’re so passionate about supporting the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team.

“The hardworking team – made up entirely of volunteers - offer up their time, skill and courage for our community and now we’re proud to be doing our bit.”

The Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team is made up of around 40 highly trained volunteers who give their time freely to provide assistance to injured or lost persons in and around the Cairngorm Mountains. The vast area they cover includes the Northern Cairngorms, Ben Alder and areas of the Monadhliath Mountains to the East Side of Loch Ness – including the area surrounding Tomintoul Distillery.

In year one, Tomintoul Single Malt will work with the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team to identify areas which support is needed most, with funds donated going towards much needed kit and supplies, as well as enhancing training exercises and education opportunities for the dedicated team and their supporters.

Announcing the partnership at the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team’s 60th anniversary dinner, Deputy Team Leader, Willie Anderson, said: “We cannot believe how fortunate we are to have such a well-known and historic brand such as Tomintoul as a partner. The synergy for both brands is very exciting to all members of the rescue team.

“We are certain we will to be able to work well together over the coming years, with a benefit for both parties and those going to the mountains for adventure. We have never had such an important sponsor and we will 'climb mountains' to ensure the partnership is a success!

“As we celebrate our 60th anniversary we feel confident we can continue to provide a world class rescue service for many years to come. Without doubt, support from Tomintoul will go a long way to underpinning our rescue work.”

Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) is a charity registered in Scotland, as part of the Independent Scottish Mountain Rescue (iSMR). CMRT are one of the busiest mountain rescue teams in Scotland, responding to many accidents, injuries and avalanches throughout the year. Willie added: “The team is always happy to offer assistance, however large or small, to those in difficulty in the Cairngorm area.”

Tomintoul Distillery becomes official partner for Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team
Tomintoul Distillery becomes official partner for Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team
Tomintoul Distillery becomes official partner for Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team
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